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There are things I only tell to Jaejoong.
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Jaejoong’s diary


cr: on the pic

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Pretty please! Can you recommend me some good YunJae or JaeMin fanfiction?

Or your favorite? Or worth to read in your opinion? Please!^^

PS: English language, please! I only can read it in English^^

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minriecassie: C’mon guys ^^ Yunppa need us 

Please, make him win!!!

C’mon guys ^^ Yunppa need us 

Please, make him win!!!

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"Stop shouting Yunho’s name to Jae"?.. yeah, I agree.

Some of YunJae fans are so f*cking stupid when they are assuming that only because they are YunJae fans, they can shout Yunho’s name to Jaejoong.

You like his reaction, huh? 

You like how cute he is, when he’s smiling shyly and covering his smile with his palm?

You think he’s cute when he’s blushing?

Can you at least TRY to see more than this?!

That you’re probably hurting him by shouting this name, or Changming’s name, or whatever connected with TVXQ. Or he’s probably already tired of it.

I don’t care, is he gay or not, but i’m pretty sure that he’s clever enough to separate his work and his privat life. And his privat life is none of your (or mine) business! He’s a musician, he’s sharing his precious talent with us, isn’t it enough?

PLEASE, find another way to make Jaejoong smile, or blush, or doing cute things. He LOVES his fans, he will do it with pleasure on fanmeets or concerts! But stop shout Yunho’s or Changmin’s names. It’s not funny.