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Cassies are everywhere!^_^/ I’m study in Tainan (Taiwan) now and today I saw this at my Language Center ad-board)) I didn’t know that there is other Cassies in our CLC x)) I was so touched that I drawed a small picture and pinned it next to the big message.))) Cassiopeia is really the best fandom I’ve ever seen))) 

Who did it, please, if you’re reading this, write me!))) 掛這張廣告的人,假如你現在看著我的blog,請你跟我聯絡!^_^ 

Arrival to Taiwan 270412 credits to owner

I certainly love this feeling - to be in the same country with TVXQ, moreover in the same city and OMG even being able to assume approximate place of their stay!! ♥ Love you guys, rest well before tomorrow and see you at Yi-Da! ♥


TVXQ’s visit to Taiwan sets an airport record

TVXQ is undeniable regarded as the top stars of Asia, and as they make their round with the ‘TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011‘, they’ve been attracting thousands of fans with each new stop.

Continuing on from their stop in Shanghai earlier this week, TVXQ has taken Taiwan by storm. From the moment upon their arrival at the airport on the morning of December 10th, TVXQ took part in a wide array of interviews with local media outlets. This also marks their first visit to the country in three years, and fans showed their enthusiastic support by setting the record as the biggest gathering recorded at the Sungshan Airport.

Media outlets kept close tabs on the duo’s activities, releasing headlines like “TVXQ has set a record! One thousand fans freeze the airport,” “TVXQ visits Taiwan! Fans set #1 record of biggest gathering at the airport!” along with pictures of fans crying tears of joy at the scene.

On the 11th, TVXQ headed to the ‘Taipei Show Hall 2′ for two sessions of press conferences before finally beginning their ‘TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011 in Taipei’.

The 10,000 fans that filled the concert hall created a sea of red with their light sticks, warmly welcoming the boys as they performed songs like “Keep Your Head Down“, “Maximum“, “Rising Sun“, and “Before U Go“. The duo also held short Q&A sessions and talked about their recent whereabouts, making as much of an effort as they can to converse with their fans in Taiwanese.

TVXQ will be returning to Korea on the 12th to prepare for various year-end shows in Korea and Japan, as well as their Japanese tour next year.

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver

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I even found out my 成功大學 (University) on this pic! And I know, from what place this photo was made!! XDD Aaaaa, my Tainan, I miss you soooo muuch!!!! T^T Can’t way to come back…