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Don’t read below XDD it’s just emotioms x))

Aishhhh I don’t want to hear or to read it! Shim Changmin is Shim Changmin, Taemin is Taemin, and Kai is just looks like the good job of korean plastic surgery!!! >_<”“”“

Like the most part of the recent rookies…=_=” I hate it… I just want a band with really, really, really good voices!T^T 

When I saw TVXQ for the 1st time, I thought “Oh, my God, they’re actually doesn’t looks that good as everyone told me! Just this guy in the center looks nice…” But it was Bolero, ok! Yoochun’s hairstyle was awful those days XDDD BUT! My heart was completely captured with their singing… Singing!!! Not appearance! Later I realised, that they are really beautiful! But their beauty is just individual! Everyone of them have his own beauty… ♥ But their appearance wasn’t that important for me…

So, I’m sad that rookie band’s members all looks alike… Looks like their management are trying to capture fan’s heart with members’ appearance, but not with their talent…T^T I really, really, really hope that EXO’s boys will be talented!! God, please!