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An opinion from upset Cassie…

Dear SME you’re so wrong with your attempts to replace. No matter who is it - TVXQ, members of SuJu or EXO’s members - it’s just wrong to mess up with people’s feelings. The result will be absolutely opposite.

You’ll upset and make angry TVXQ and SuJu fans. You already did, actually. You will make them, I mean - two biggest fanbase in SM FAMILY(!) and Korean show business - hate newbies, when their support is soooo important to new band EXO.

What else? All peoples are different. Instead of trying to re-create TVXQ or someone else, it’s better to show something new, and I believe that EXO’s members actually has their own charm and individuality, and it would be better to show off their unic qualities then make them to copy someone else… Or to make it looks like they’re copying.

A lot of new bands make their debuts this days, and it doesn’t make me feel bad at all, but the way EXO made their debut… yeah. I hope they will fight for their own place in k-pop, not for the someone else’s place.

And I hope that SM Family will be a happy family, and family members (including fans!) will support their kids and respect elders… That’s how everything works, isn’t it?..

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New babies introducing themselves to the Lord of the Maknaes. 

too cute XDDD

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