Pretty please! Can you recommend me some good YunJae or JaeMin fanfiction?

Or your favorite? Or worth to read in your opinion? Please!^^

PS: English language, please! I only can read it in English^^


  1. wonhamnida answered: Undeniable Love from asianfanfics
  2. still-in-heaven answered:… this be my stash of jaemin have fun~ if
  3. yanifangs answered: sum3r’s Because of You for JaeMin Rec. :) you can find it on LJ.
  4. headoverheelskaydavid answered: search in lj:littlepassion,sekushiai, kobands, aquariouslover, misssanzo, mushroomkey, bbedelusional, minniesaranghe, walin, hurleysan, wildt
  5. pages-of-treasures answered: If YunJae, there’s a lot:
  6. seuhans answered: Damaged :3 and second chances by vampire-madonna
  7. klutzjae answered: Shattered by yunjae-hlub, its a conflict between yunjae n jaemin…
  8. mi-eroticd answered: i have a fics rec page that you can check (:
  9. chanteltelly answered: When Work Comes Home on Asian Fan fics. It’s on my page if you want to read it
  10. mings-a-lot answered: no more secrets surprised no one put it down…
  11. ifuckedkyungsoo answered: Yaoi High by TanXueLei from Asian Fanfics!
  12. nezuzee answered: honeyiceblend.livejourn… …its called thorn year:and its actually a novel …enjoy ^^
  13. changmin-charming answered: Jaemin/Yunjae/Jaechun/Jaesu (at same time)…
  14. nanymcflyer answered:…. there you have all possible pairs of dbsk
  15. benereth answered: In Jaemin I really like Jaceni’s one (In livejournal)
  16. jyc5yj answered: fics of miss-sanzo.livejournal…. :D
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